Friday, August 19, 2011


Went to get my visa today.  Put on my best "not snooki" outfit and trucked off to the embassy.  The people there were not nice but they GAVE ME A VISA.  So now I'm really really going to Italy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Know

When people ask me if I'm excited its a little hard to say yes.  Right now my brain is full of stuff I have to do (like get a visa) and stuff I don't know (like if I'll definitely get credit for my italian classes). I'm going to try to push all that stuff out of my head and focus on the stuff I do know and the tips people gave me:

1. Some old italian man makes custom leather sandals in Sorrento
2. Fly Ryanair or Easyjet
3. Cinqueterra is definitely worth a visit.  If I do go, I must look up Angelo's Boat Tours in Monerserro
4. On the first sunday of October there is a wine festival in Marino.  On the second sunday there is a doughnut festival
5. Bus2alps is ok to to use and I should go to interlocken
6. Chocolate festival in Perugia! Chocolate Festival!

1. Ristorante di Fagioli at Corso Tintori, 47- Go and get the Robolitto (peasant style bread soup) and the beef steak
2. Villa San Michele- old monastery converted into a restaurant
3. Great Sandwich place on Salumeria Verde on Via Guiseppe Verde
4. Il Gatto e le Volpe- fantastic gnocchi
5. Obviously go to the apertivo
6. Order the house wine because its good but very cheap
7. Festival del Gelato- on the Corso, bright lights, hard to miss.

Ok see? Chocolate festival.  Now I'm excited.