Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Know

When people ask me if I'm excited its a little hard to say yes.  Right now my brain is full of stuff I have to do (like get a visa) and stuff I don't know (like if I'll definitely get credit for my italian classes). I'm going to try to push all that stuff out of my head and focus on the stuff I do know and the tips people gave me:

1. Some old italian man makes custom leather sandals in Sorrento
2. Fly Ryanair or Easyjet
3. Cinqueterra is definitely worth a visit.  If I do go, I must look up Angelo's Boat Tours in Monerserro
4. On the first sunday of October there is a wine festival in Marino.  On the second sunday there is a doughnut festival
5. Bus2alps is ok to to use and I should go to interlocken
6. Chocolate festival in Perugia! Chocolate Festival!

1. Ristorante di Fagioli at Corso Tintori, 47- Go and get the Robolitto (peasant style bread soup) and the beef steak
2. Villa San Michele- old monastery converted into a restaurant
3. Great Sandwich place on Salumeria Verde on Via Guiseppe Verde
4. Il Gatto e le Volpe- fantastic gnocchi
5. Obviously go to the apertivo
6. Order the house wine because its good but very cheap
7. Festival del Gelato- on the Corso, bright lights, hard to miss.

Ok see? Chocolate festival.  Now I'm excited.

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  1. Chocolate festival...oh Yeah! Sounds like an exciting excursion in food and wine...oh yeah, and studying as well!!

    Mangiare bene!

    Auntie Andrea