Sunday, September 4, 2011

Italian Living

It seems like all I've done for the last two days is adjust.  I moved into my apartment which is located right smack in the center of Florence.  Im only a few blocks from the Duomo! The view from our windows are gorgeous and the location is undeniably wonderful. 

The apartment it self is quirky.  There are 12 girls living in one large, tight apartment.  The layout is bizarre: two angular narrow corridors snake throughout the building while little rooms and bathrooms and staircases shoot off from these two center points.  The doorways, even to the main doors into the corridors and the upstairs are so narrow I find myself peeking around corners to make sure I'm not accidentally entering a smaller room like a bathroom or a bed room. The apartment is accessible only by going up six flights of stairs in a tight winding staircase (there's no elevator) and my thighs were actually sore the first few days I got here.  Worse, theres no air conditioning and on the sixth floor it gets really hot and humid.  Thats alright though because there's also no hot water (hopefully its just broken temporarily) so an icy shower cools you down in now time. 

Though some of the other NYU apartments are more modern, I'm glad I live her.  My apartment was built before America was discovered.  Living here completely different from living in the states.

The View from my Kitchen Window

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